The Story of Doric Oud

Uncovering the Mystery: The Inspiration Behind Doric Oud

Uncovering the Mystery: The Inspiration Behind Doric Oud

As we set out to create a new fragrance, we were reminded of the mysteries and legends that surrounded the old castles and historic ruins of the north-eastern Scottish countryside. The history, the natural beauty, and the mysterious allure of this region served as inspiration for the creation of what would become one of our best-selling perfumes: Doric Oud.

Our journey began with a quest to capture the essence of the region's rugged and natural landscape, as well as the rich cultural heritage of the local people. The scent profile we ultimately created is a sophisticated blend of rich and earthy oud notes, accented by the vibrant freshness of lemon and pink pepper. These primary notes were further enhanced with an interplay of guaiacwood, leather, and sandalwood, imparting a deep and complex character that is both beguiling and refined.

We have spent countless hours perfecting the scent, drawing on the memories of our many travels throughout the region. We were inspired by the stories of the ancient castles, the misty forests, and the rolling hills of the Scottish landscape. It was these elements that helped to shape the complex and nuanced aroma of Doric Oud, a perfume that captures the mystery and intrigue of this fascinating corner of the world.

When we had finally finished crafting the perfume, we knew that he had created something special. Something that embodied the rich history and natural beauty of the north-eastern Scottish countryside, while also capturing the sophisticated and enigmatic character of the people who call it home. And so, Doric Oud was born, a fragrance that has since become a favorite of many, beloved for its unique and intriguing scent profile, as well as its ability to transport the wearer to a realm of elevated sensibility and intrigue.

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