Our perfumes stand out due to our extensive knowledge and expertise in the use of essential oils.



    Our farm is home to a diverse array of lavender varieties, allowing us to expertly craft unique and intricate blends in our perfumes.



    We also specialise in four varieties of Rosemary, adding depth and complexity to our perfumes.



    We source several mints from our own farm, including sweet and spiced varieties, to provide a unique and refreshing scent to our fragrances.

  • SAGE


    Our perfumery is unique in that we also grow clary sage for its subtle herbaceous note, adding an unusual and sought-after element to our perfumes.

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Copper Alembic Stills

Traditional Distillation

Our perfumery upholds tradition by using copper alembic stills in our distillation process, which produces an exceptional quality of essential oil that is rich and nuanced.

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