• Mandarin

  • Lavender

  • Rose

  • Hay

  • Cedarwood

  • Oakmoss

Reiver Lavender is a captivating fougere fragrance that balances the floral sweetness of lavender with earthy and mossy notes of oakmoss and hay. The aroma is further enhanced by the delicate and fresh notes of rose and mandarin, while the woody and slightly smoky scent of cedarwood adds a touch of depth and complexity to the fragrance. Together, these different notes create a unique and memorable olfactory experience that embodies a rebellious spirit and defies traditional lavender perfumes.

  • How to Apply

    For best results, generously apply cologne to your wrist, neck, and pulse points. Your body heat will aid in spreading the scent throughout the day. You can wear it solo or in conjunction with another cologne or your preferred bath and body products.

  • Ingredients

    Our perfumes are made from carefully selected ingredients to create a unique and luxurious scent.

  • Unisex Perfume

    Our perfumes are designed to everyone, with scents that range from traditionally masculine to feminine. However, we do provide information in the product description to indicate if a perfume leans more towards one gender, in case customers would like help in determining if it fits their personal tastes.

  • Scottish Provenance; Italian Style

    Our perfumes capture the best of both Scotland and Italy, combining the rich history and natural beauty of Scotland with the impeccable taste and refinement of Italian design.

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